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Analysis of Blazing Chrome

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JoyMasher and the Arcade Crew lead us to a futuristic battlefield with Blazing Chrome, where you will have to face lots of hordes of enemies and other dangers.

Blazing Chrome is a frantic two-dimensional action title with doses of retro cutting platforms and lateral displacement that will take you to the Golden Age of run & gun. It pays tribute to some of the best classics, with a large arsenal of weapons at our disposal, vehicles and wicks to drive, unblockable characters and the possibility to enjoy the adventure in local cooperative, sections that we will detail along the analysis.

The history leads us to a world where a robot army controlled by an artificial intelligence

The history leads us to a world where a robot army controlled by an artificial intelligenceIt has taken control of everything, making humans expendable, which is why they live in hiding while their hunters dominate the surface. Now, a small rebel group receives information about a large artificial intelligence power plant and, before they can organize an offensive, the machines attack their camp. At least a small group of rebels escape, embarking on a suicide mission to destroy the power plant and recover the surface.

The plot itself is nothing of the other world, but it serves as a context to initiate a wave of shootings against all beings we meet during the adventure. It is very similar to what was seen in other classic arcade games, with Spanish texts that make it easy to follow the argument without problems.

Nothing like starting you will find three difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Expert. The first two are very accessible by having several lives, unlimited continuations or being able to keep our progress, the main difference being the ability to keep the Reserve capsules or not if our character dies. It is in expert that you will find the greatest challenge, as you will have to complete the entire game without the possibility of saving, counting only three lives for each of the three continuations available. It is not an impossible game, but it will force you to learn the pattern of emergence of enemies and the movements of the most powerful bosses.

Right after that, we went on to choose between one of the two available characters, Mavra, a human resistance soldier, or Doyle, an insurgent robot as wildly as lethal. They’re very similar to each other, so the choice doesn’t matter too much beyond aesthetics. Upon completion of the adventure, two others, Raijin and Suhaila, are released, which vary the experience completely by focusing on hand-to-hand combat.

The mechanics are very simple

The mechanics are very simpleWith one button to jump, another to shoot, the possibility to roll and aim in eight different directions. You will be able to fire as many times as you like by pressing your respective button, but if an enemy approaches and presses it at the right time, you will perform a body-to-body attack that will get you out of more trouble. An important detail is that throughout the game you will get weapons, being able to accumulate up to four of which you can change at any time. But be careful, for if your character loses a life, you will also lose the one he wears equipped with.

As it could not be otherwise, throughout the game you can get different enhancers that facilitate the task, focusing each on different aspects. To improve the attack we have a small robot that shoots next to us, for the defense we have a kind of SHIELD check it out here that makes us not fall from just one blow and finally there is one that improves our agility, which provides us with more speed and a double jump. They’re very useful, but if our character dies, we lose them.

But this is not all, there are phases that bring more variety to the development, such as having to put us at the controls of a fuse, traveling on a motorcycle aerodeslizer, holding onto a helicopter or even using a jet pack in phases in the purest style of Space Harriet. We have never been bored by the number of different situations we live in, being in this sense as entertaining as the most famous arcade titles.

The enemies are varied and throughout each world you will find some truly challenging ones. It is true that they are very scripted, but by appearing in large numbers and having different patterns it becomes difficult to end them all. The best thing is the powerful bosses and deputy chiefs you will find throughout the game, whose weak points you must locate if you want to stand up to them.